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 Boomboomwhat's Application - Approved

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PostSubject: Boomboomwhat's Application - Approved   Sun 17 Aug 2008, 10:43 pm

1. How long have you been playing Shadowbane? Over all about 4 years, Originally when it was released

2. What guilds have you been in and what servers?Chaos server, part of the Ice Alliance, I was one of their battle leaders, ending a 3 month war with Warrior nation burning their capitol city. Left just before the map changes and server wipes came back played on Morning with Endevor to Preserve ran spec groups, mines, and sieges for them, and now i'm here.

3. Why do you want to join WotS? I like to be in powerful and active guilds with mines and banes.

4. How much time do you spend playing Shadowbane on the
average day? 8 - 10 or so.

5. Which country are you from?USA

6. Which state are you from in that country?Virginia

7. Are you willing to roll the necessary toons required by the guild? yes

8. Can you use Ventrilo? yes

9. Can you check our forums regularly? yes

10. Do you know or have you played with anyone currently in Wots? Not, that I am aware of

11. Which guild are you applying to join? Wrath of the Seraphim

12. Why should we accept you into WotS? (at least a paragraph)
I have played the game for a long time, although I don't expect to get any sort of position in the guild to start, I am very experienced in mines, offensive and defensive banes. I have staged and lead full out 6 months long wars with other nations. In my time in shadowbane I have only lost 1 defensive bane and a hand full of offensive. For any of the players that played at release remembering the 3 - 4 banes per night kind of wars.

13. Anything else you would like to say? (Yes you are being interviewed/interrogated - Whichever you prefer) Interrogation I find is often more effective. I have been called a warmonger among other things in the past, power control and crushing enemies that's how I play the game. I do like to actively run PL groups from all levels included new rolls.
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PostSubject: Re: Boomboomwhat's Application - Approved   Sun 17 Aug 2008, 11:03 pm

Welcome to WotS
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Boomboomwhat's Application - Approved
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