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 App. Accepted !! welcome

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PostSubject: App. Accepted !! welcome   Wed 09 Jul 2008, 9:13 am

Hey there! Before you join, we will need to know a few things to ensure you aren't a shit spy LOL. (Copy and paste this into a new topic to answer - click new topic just up there -circumflex accent-)

1. How long have you been playing Shadowbane? 3ish

2. What guilds have you been in and what servers? Redemption IC of freaks of naturs GL / NL of Disturbed forces
IC of The Hate crew

3. Why do you want to join WotS? Drawe is my boy

4. How much time do you spend playing Shadowbane on the
average day? an hour or 2 when i can

5. Which country are you from? US

6. Which state are you from in that country? NJ bad question by the way only us has states othe countries have provences and what ot Good game though mates

7. Are you willing to roll the necessary toons required by the guild? Might have em al ready if not in due time

8. Can you use Ventrilo? already in it

9. Can you check our forums regularly? willing to from time to time i work 13-14 hours a day so alot of the time i spend sleepen or with my girl .. : / not like the old days where good ole clutch was kicken ass and laughen at the names

10. Do you know or have you played with anyone currently in Wots? Drawe Pytrekk and prob more im the magnificant

11. Which guild are you applying to join? the wild

12. Why should we accept you into WotS? (at least a paragraph)
Hmm maken a paragraph might be tough but im going to milk some sentences to pulle it off. My boy draw and i are a packaged deal we have always rolled to gether in games. Drawe and my self will step the game up of any group we are in. Last and for most we do and always will hold it down like a fat kid on a seasaw. Quote me on that. Thats about it now give me a moment to indent the begining, and finish the rest.

13. Anything else you would like to say? (Yes you are being interviewed/interrogated - Whichever you prefer)
i like interigated it makes it sound like you want to know more about me but im an open book so when you got more questions ask me i'll be in vent and if you dont likewhat i say i will probly just say ok cause i say it as it is no hard feeling guys

Thank you!

You very welcome
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App. Accepted !! welcome
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