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PostSubject: Applications   Thu 26 Jun 2008, 11:21 pm

1. How long have you been playing Shadowbane?
Well, i've been playing for about 3 weeks.

2. What guilds have you been in and what servers?
Well at first I made a toon, a warrior to be specific, and got it on heroes, and the server was Malog.

3. Why do you want to join WotS?
Hmm, because i wanna do some pvp, go around on parties and meet new ppl Very Happy.

4. How much time do you spend playing Shadowbane on the
average day?
Well, depends on the day but usually about 3hrs.

5. Which country are you from?

6. Which state are you from in that country?
São Paulo.

7. Are you willing to roll the necessary toons required by the guild?
Yes, but i want to do my own toons too.

8. Can you use Ventrilo?
Well i used to use Team Speak, so i think there will be no problem using this one ^^.

9. Can you check our forums regularly?

10. Do you know or have you played with anyone currently in Wots?
Hmm not that i remember, i was just contacted by 'Wots".

11. Which guild are you applying to join?
Wrath of the Seraphim.

12. Why should we accept you into WotS? (at least a paragraph)
Well, I'll do whatever i'm told. I can learn fast. Hmm what else, i can speak english (=D), hmm, and i think its that. I should write more but this is all can think right now.

13. Anything else you would like to say? (Yes you are being interviewed/interrogated - Whichever you prefer)
This really look like a job interview ^^.
Hope you guys accept me.

P.S.: Well just a little thing (and possibly not positive one for the app). Well i'm like new to the game so there are things i don't know, then i could ask some stuff that you could think its pretty basic, but if i ask something like that well... Dont be mad, i'll just ask once ^^.
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