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 Schattenzeit - Applications - Approved by God himself

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PostSubject: Schattenzeit - Applications - Approved by God himself   Sat 21 Jun 2008, 3:46 pm

1. How long have you been playing Shadowbane?
-> I play since 2002 with a break of 1,5 Years. I played closed and open SB- Beta (german swing-beta),
closed US-Beta. I started after Release wiht HdO (Herren der Ordnung ) geramn guild on Carnage, Venegance and last Barilla.

2. What guilds have you been in and what servers?
->I only played with HdO till they stopped playing.

3. Why do you want to join WotS?
->I am looking for a good and active Guild with teamplay.
Not that kind of ego -guild with only 100 Scouts running around, no Siege, no leveling/helping
new Member/chars.

4. How much time do you spend playing Shadowbane on the
average day?
->Depends on the action ;-) About 2-3 hours, sometime 1 hour or if there is a Siege, longer.

5. Which country are you from?
-> I am from germany

6. Which state are you from in that country?
-> Baden Württemberg

7. Are you willing to roll the necessary toons required by the guild?
-> Yes, old guild we have special chars for guild, Siege. Everyone was in a little
team of a full group, with heamer,bard usw. So all have special Guild/Siege chars, Farm-Chars
and or own chars

8. Can you use Ventrilo?
-> I can, but not installed atm. HdO used ventrillo in the past.

9. Can you check our forums regularly?
-> Yes, every day

10. Do you know or have you played with anyone currently in Wots?
-> No, I am new on this Sever

11. Why should we accept you into WotS? (at least a paragraph)
-> I am a nice guy ;-) germany plays excellent football ;-) and I am a good team-player, always
helping I possible

12. Anything else you would like to say? (Yes you are being interviewed/interrogated - Whichever you prefer)

good day to fight ;-) ?
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Schattenzeit - Applications - Approved by God himself
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