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 Looking for a guild - Approved (Andronas)

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Johnn the Baptist1

PostSubject: Looking for a guild - Approved (Andronas)   Mon 24 Mar 2014, 3:27 pm

Hey there, my name is Kevin and have been playing shadowbane off and on since release. I am from California and typically play between 7pm and 2am pst. Below I listed all the details requested holler at me if  I missed anything.

Main toons  Johnn and Rahab

Started off on Fear at launch and moved to morning after server consolidation.

On fear was in Battleragers
Mourning in Punishment
and Warriors of Honor on the last server ubi had up (forgot the name)

Absolutely willing to roll whatever spec toons you like and typically prefer to be in Vent / Ts anyhow ( I do have a mic)

I am admittedly am not one for forums posting but I can check them periodically if requested

I run 3 clients most of the time and could run more but prefer not too (mostly for my sanity)

I am looking for a guild to run with and you guys looked like you were recruiting. New to the server and shadowbane is way more fun with people to play with.

Thanks for the consideration

The Baptist
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Looking for a guild - Approved (Andronas)
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