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 Application - Pending (Andronas)

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PostSubject: Application - Pending (Andronas)   Fri 21 Feb 2014, 12:40 pm

1. Since 2002

2. High Ice Lords on morning, then after my city
Was taken I went to DOF, which when they left morning
I went to vindi and test until one day I could no longer play

3. So far I've tested up to 4 the fan starts kicking and I don't
Wanna burn my baby up

4. To be honest, I've posted on the forums for a cpl weeks
Now just looking for a home for live and seen your post

5. Mon-fri 5 or 6 hours 4 days a week, sat and Sunday
Might not see me off unless I'm coaching
6. USA

7. Indiana

8. Yes sir right away and first if you would like

9. Both

10. Speakers and mic

11. I have an iphone I mean I search the net
All day at work anyways
12. I do not know but my best toon in my eyes was Targetme First

13. Andronas ( not sure if I spelled right

14. Not in beta but targetme was my main and when I wasn't on him
OOM, a priest and a doomie

15. I am enjoyable to play with, PL, help others.
I donate to my guild and banes and mines are my time.
I think I mesh well with just about everyone and I love
Teamwork. I tend to build a lot of healers so I have to interact
With guildies to do anything.

16. No sir, have a great time in beta and see u on the live
Side if I don't get in beta
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Application - Pending (Andronas)
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