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 Application Obviously - Approved

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PostSubject: Application Obviously - Approved   Sat 07 Jun 2008, 3:56 pm

Ok here goes.

1. Ever since reset, that got me back playing. Before that i was playing with WotS when we were allied with hawks and Shangrilla on Wrath, just before we got baned by -X-

2. Uh WotS on Wrath. In malog since reset been with farmers place, they were nice but im on their off-peak so...

3. Andro posted on SB forums and said he was from singapore so i figure your peak is near mine (eastern Aus) and there are normallly quite a few WotS on when i am anyway.

4. Weekends quite a bit depending on whether i have a large workload or not.

5. Australia (eastern)

6.QLD (North eastern)

7. Yes, thats one of the ways to keep things fun

8. Yes but no talky talky mike broke.

9. Yeah, I'll just read em as i read SB forums.

10. I have played with Andro b4.

11. I'll be on during your peal time, i like participating in pvp and pve and have toons to lvl and will help ppl do so. I normally just donate and res's i get ot my guild anyway and i would happily buy anything that the town rolled for me. I like supporting other ppl for fun too. Also I'd like to think I'm not half bad at the game really so add me for that :p.

12. I guess ill just add a toon list

75 Jathura Xaksnevel Nephilim Mage-Channeller
65 Heveakri Donovaria Dorf Priest
63 Horku Xaksnevel Half-Giant Huntress
58 Waharig Deathmauler Human Warrior
43 Hinavisir Donovaria Irekei Rogue assasin SD.

I'm happy to play priest in banes and pvp i just need to get hi ma hammer and 3 more pieces of Healer Elite.
My Channy just needs a good staff and boots and will be quite good already goes for 1k dmg Stun aoe and 400 dmg Dot aoe and bolts.

Still levelling my other 3 to a pvp-esque level and getting gear for such.

So yeah pls add me, would be great to get back into wots as we used to always have ppl on when i was on when i was in ages ago.
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PostSubject: Re: Application Obviously - Approved   Tue 10 Jun 2008, 6:08 pm

Welcome home!
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Application Obviously - Approved
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