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 Application - Approved

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PostSubject: Application - Approved   Sun 12 Sep 2010, 10:41 am

1. How long have you been playing Shadowbane?
Since I it went free and was completely pissed that i didnt find it earlier

2. What guilds have you been in and what servers?
From memory LK, Goons, Dead skin mask, more that i cant remember
I can remeber the servers, but i ended up playing on mourning the most

3. How many SB clients can you run at once?
Could run up to 4 toons at once in PLing, +1 now i have a eeepc too =)

4. Why do you want to join WotS?
Heard there is an Aussie presents here and I like playing with guys in my own time zone because as an Aussie you kind of get stuck with fighting hordes of CN which is fun but can be alot more fun with a group

5. How much time do you spend playing Shadowbane on the
average day?
In the day i would play 1-5 hours a day

6. Which country are you from?

7. Which state are you from in that country?
South Australia

8. Are you willing to roll the necessary toons required by the guild?
I'd roll UA HG templars if the Guild wanted me too! But I would be concerned.

9. Can you use Ventrilo?
10. Do you have a mic?
11. Can you check our forums regularly?
12. Do you know or have you played with anyone currently in Wots?
I dont know, i might have, i have gone with user name Sprig too which i prefere

13. How did you hear about us? (Namely, how you found your way to this application).
I post a guild post on the SBemu forums and got a PM from Andronas and he said you guys had Aussies! I post under Eddiewrecker there but I prefere Sprigg inguild.

14. Please list your in-game names (your mains) so you can be contacted in-game
Sprigg, MadMonk

15. Why should we accept you into WotS? (at least a paragraph)
Because Aussies are like the new midgets, every possy needs midgets!!! Like in them rap clips.

16. Anything else you would like to say? (Yes you are being interviewed/interrogated - Whichever you prefer)

Im SB addict, since it went down i havent been able to play anything else and get the same buzz, other games just arnt that bruital. I love pvp, banes, PL groups, Mines, and just pissing about in SB. I like rolling Scouts and templars but will roll anything for guild. Im down for donating to guild and helping out new guys. Im not a fan of politics and ingame inguild feuds which is why i left some of the above guilds.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Approved   Sun 12 Sep 2010, 11:28 am

I'm in perth at the moment, flying home tonight. We should have a chat in vent to complete this application when i get back. Maybe during the week or something. I will pm you the vent info.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Approved   Tue 14 Sep 2010, 7:09 pm

Cool no problems, looking forward to it =D
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Approved   

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Application - Approved
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